Thursday, October 18, 2007

"News at 7"

Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois has come up with a new way to get the news to students. This will be done through a program called "News at 7." The news will be presented in a video format with two news anchors reading the articles. Students will be able to choose which types of news they want to have reported to them. Topics will range from things like hometown football team scores to the war in Iraq and latest celebrity gossip. The way it sounds, the student would receive a daily e-mail with their selected news in it. One of the goals of this program is to reach more students with the news. It is becoming harder to reach the younger generation. Whether they are too busy or just do not care about polotics, economics, and healthcare is still up in the air. This new program though would give them a chance to get involved.
The downside to this program though would be the fact that the users would have the option to choose what they want delievered to them. It is hoped that they will choose a variety of news to become a more educated citizen. This may not end up being the case however. Some people might use for just celebrity news and gossip. While this is certainly an option for the users, it would not meet the project's goal. Entertainment news does not necessarily help someone become a better citizen. Knowing that Britney Spears lost visitation rights to her children is not going to get a person very far in a discussion about the latest plans for healthcare reform. News at 7 sounds like a wonderful idea, but only when used for its intended purpose.

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