Friday, November 9, 2007

Responsibilities of a journalist

As we all know, journalists have a duty to inform the citizens for whom they are working. Through reporters writing their stories, the public is let in on many different meetings, debates, and other things that could affect their lives. Journalists and reporters hold the responsibility of informing the public and keeping a watchful eye on the public employees. Journalists serve as a sort of system of checks and balances. They gather the facts and check to make sure they are all accurate. If they find something wrong, they can dig deeper to get the whole story. In their articles they can relay what they have found to the public. The public, having now been informed, can choose whether or not to take action.

Ken Paulson, editor of the USA Today, recently addressed a group of journalists, lawyers, and other public citizens at an event held in Indiana. He stressed the importance of this civic duty that journalists hold.

"Framers of the Constitution guaranteed a free press that would take a stand for liberty and justice, and that mission has not changed."

Journalists are protected by the Constitution so that they can bring us fair and accurate news. It is a great responsibility to take on, but can be very worthwhile.

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Sara J. Kirsch said...

I agree whole-heartedly with Rachel, journalist first loyalty should be to the truth. It is very difficult to expose the truth sometimes, especially when you are talking about government and big corporations.
Although it is difficult to do, jornalists need to revel the truth. Even if is against the wishes of the government the truth must be revealed. Criticism of the government is allowed in our society, in some other countries it is illegal to say things against the government. Journalists of this country sould take this right and use it.